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Tropical Plant

Jithin Mathew Jose

Director, | Teacher

I did my research on Cognition, Recognition and Semiotics from Indian Institute of Technology  Bombay.

I teach TOK for IB, also entrusted with role of Examiner for IB Extended Essay and Philosophy.

Knowledge is normative and you cannot possibly escape it.


Dr. Supriya Daniel

Head of Operations, | Teacher

well...if there is an Africa, then my research is on African Literature. I was awarded a Ph.D. by the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. Years of research, years of teaching in schools and colleges boils down to this perennial present.

It’s exciting that on the thirteenth year in formal academics, I venture out to combine my skills in research, writing, thinking, self-management, teaching, and dealing with pedagogy and set to impart and explore this knowledge as an active epistemic agent.

Tropical Leaves

Academic Consultants

Tropical Leaves

Ipsita Saisree

I am a classically trained Economist currently pursuing my doctorate at IIT Bombay. My research work has been largely focussed on emerging commodity markets. I specialise in Econometrics Modelling and keen on Macroeconomics. 

Also, an avid reader who believes ''the world belongs to those who read.''


Priyanka Jajal

Efforts towards reducing current climate emissions drive my research passion, where my Ph.D. from IIT Bombay entails a detailed analysis of the construction of raw materials. My background in Environmental Engineering and Environmental Planning has helped me with the interdisciplinary nature of the subject. I have gained the international audience to discuss my ideas by attending six conferences, one book chapter, and a journal paper. My aspirations are to be able to make an impact on the Indian Climate crisis with the help of my mitigation knowledge.


Pratiman Patel

I am an enthusiastic Numerical Weather Forecaster, developing my understanding of climate change and weather during my Ph.D. at IIT Bombay. I specialise in Rainfall forecasting, where I have been actively looking at the way climate and climate change mitigation may show a synergy. This enthusiasm of mine has led me to attend Purdue University, USA. I have also been fortunate enough to be able to attend international conferences, AGU Fall Meeting 2019 in SanFransisco, USA, and EGU meeting in Vienna, Austria. My research has been showcased in the international journals of Atmospheric Research and Urban Climate, where the research is catching the eye from fellow researchers. To know more about me, kindly visit my page: 

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