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International Curriculum

"In the age of the interconnected world, academia is undergoing a profound transformation. The deluge of information inundating our senses, once propelled by the earnest pursuit of knowledge driven by individual intent, has been proclaimed obsolete. I encountered this declaration on social media, where ideas spread like wildfire.

As an academic community, we are tasked with deciphering specific pedagogical methodologies, deconstructing their scaffolding, scrutinizing their essence, embedding them within their contexts, and thoughtfully repackaging them for effective dissemination.

In this evolving landscape, where artificial intelligence augments our educational endeavors, our role extends beyond traditional teaching paradigms. We harness the power of AI to enhance the learning experience, ensuring that knowledge is not just amassed but comprehended, synthesized, and applied. This synergy between human intellect and machine precision reshapes the very fabric of education, transcending conventional boundaries and fostering a more profound understanding of the interplay between technology and pedagogy.

We stand at the intersection of traditional wisdom and technological advancement, embracing the dynamism of the inter-national era. In this era, academia must continually evolve, navigating the currents of change, and adapting to the relentless influx of information and the transformative influence of AI. As educators, learners, and innovators, we embark on a collective journey to unlock the full potential of this metamorphosis, striving to illuminate the path to knowledge in a world where borders blur, and intelligence, both human and artificial, converges to create new frontiers of understanding."


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As an academic collective, we cater to the epistemic needs of various curricula across the globe.

We negotiate with the idea international so that it embodies a certain respect for the contextual framework.



We bridge the gaps. rolls out workshops for teachers, students and parents for all international curricula.


Get Inspired.

Storytelling session involves various distinguished scholars and scientists from academics talking about their  current research.

delivery DESIGN

Be the Best Teacher.

Curriculums are often laid with jargons. The essence sometimes gets lost in the scaffolding, let's undo it. Let's give our best to our students.


Be the Best School.

Academies are rumoured to have become less academic and more service delivery platforms.To make an educational institution sustainable there is just one way- academic rigour. We'll help.



"Being an educator is not only about sharing knowledge and facilitating learning but also to be intellectually stimulated and enthused with perspectives and ideas outside our comfort zone.

And, this is exactly what I was offered at my workshop with ‘’. Jithin and Supriya gave me time to relive my moments in a virtual classroom, immersed in electrifying discussions, sharpening my listening skills, and was left with a clearer vision for my upcoming academic year. I am sure I’ll be back with more queries and a blurry vision at the mid or end of this academic session to have another interlude with ‘’."

DIPTI S RASWANT (DP English Facilitator)

"...thank you so much! I think I have learned more about writing in 12 hrs than I had for the past year!" - Pranab Roy (DP2 Student)

"It was a whole new perspective on teaching, the session on Pandemic Pedagogies was a real eye-opener and comes as such a relief" - Janani Subramaniam (IBDP Facilitator)


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